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Leading the Way in Investment Technologies

We are transforming the financial landscape by harnessing information to drive innovation

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Welcome to ForInvest. We provide cutting-edge investment solutions that cater to the unique needs of the investment landscape. For more than 30 years, we've supported clients across the globe in improving operations and efficiency, while also providing exceptional investment experiences to end users. Leveraging our well-established reputation, exceptional team and technology infrastructure, we are challenging the status-quo to shape the future of the industry.

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Investment-centric software solutions for creating seamless mobile and web platforms.

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How İşbank increased its share of mobile app stock market transactions by 21% with ForInvest

We developed İşCep Trading Solution and embedded that into İşCep mobile app to offer İşbank’s clients all in one experience with providing banking and investment transaction features from one single app.


increase in the share of mobile on stock market transactions


increase in the number of real time data end users

How Anadolubank accelerated its digital transformation with ForInvest

We developed Anadolubank Mobile, a user-friendly and accessible mobile app, to offer Anadolubank’s clients a better user experience with more than 90 functionalities that allows customers to reach their bank anywhere and anytime.


in transaction volume in the app


Additional function set

How QNB Finansinvest restructured and enhanced omnichannel services with ForInvest

We updated QNB Finansinvest’s website and mobile app to facilitate easy navigation and provide seamless account opening, transaction and uninterrupted data flow to enhance the overall user experience.

How EPİAŞ created a first class native mobile app with ForInvest

We developed an innovative mobile app with a first class mobile user experience to empower the users with increasing the scope of the information they can reach and improve attainability of crucial data like real-time energy production and consumption metrics

Reliable data solutions to fuel uninterrupted investment experiences.

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How ForInvest Deliver 3TB Historical Market Data In Milliseconds

It is very important to reach historical data in an uninterrupted, fast and reliable way from the customer’s perspective. Historical data enables the tracking of improvement over time which gives key insights. These insights are essential for driving a business. One of our primary focus is to transmit historical data to our customers by leveraging latest technology with our financial services.

Efficient DevOps solutions to establish a robust IT structure through cloud capabilities.

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Important Cloud Strategies for Financial Services

As ForInvest, since the day we were founded, we have adopted the principle of being an actor in technological revolutions while building the future of Fintech. For this reason, we continue to equip the technological infrastructure of ForInvest’s omnichannel investment solutions with the most up-to-date technologies to meet the requirements of the modern FinTech ecosystem.

Intelligent content solutions to deliver a continuous, investment-related information flow.

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Reliable News, Uninterrupted Updates

We create personalised solutions for delivering the latest investment updates efficiently.

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Empowered as an AWS Advanced Technology Partner

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ForInvest App, an evidence for our services

We develop investment-centric software solutions for creating seamless mobile and web platforms.

We are here to make investing smarter, faster and easier.


We deliver the pinnacle of speed and reliability, powered by the latest technology.


Our solutions boast fortified security through rigorous testing and compliance protocols


With decades of expertise in finance and technology, we hold a distinctive position within the investment technology space.


We are placing our customers' feedback at the forefront, evident in the solutions we develop.

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