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Reliable News, Uninterrupted Updates

We create personalised solutions for delivering the latest investment updates efficiently.

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Why ForInvest

We Value Your Uniqueness

We offer unmatched customisation and personalisation for seamless content services.

We Embrace the Cutting Edge

Our solutions are powered by AI, a robust data technology and comprehensive news coverage.

We Walk Alongside You

Our proficient team provides continuous support to maximise the value of your solutions.

We Have a Legacy

By implementing hundreds of successful projects, we've empowered our clients with uninterrupted investment news.

Content Solutions

News Data Flow
Smart Content

News Data Flow is designed to deliver accurate, investment-related news for your products and services. It utilises our robust data transmission capabilities to empower investors to make well-informed choices.

As an integral technology within our products and solutions, it seamlessly integrates to investment offerings, contributing substantial value.

Real-Time & Reliable Market Updates

Seamless Integration with Products & Services

Backed by Powerful Data Technology

Extensive News Coverage From Credible Sources

Smart Content is a practical mobile investment news service for businesses and their customers. It easily integrates into mobile channels to provide real-time, personalised updates from diverse resources.

This ensures that users receive precise information, perfectly aligned with their unique preferences.

Mobile Access to Real-Time Updates

AI-Powered Text-to-Speech & News Summary

Instant Notifications & Alerts

Tailorable to Unique Interests & Needs.

Our Roadmap to Delivering Excellence


Empathise and Solve

You have a vision, and you want to make it happen. We are here to understand and support you. We tailor our solutions to your specific needs and show how they can turn your ideas into reality.


Define and Align

We collaborate with you to shape the project scope, objectives, outcomes and success criteria. We form the project team with the right people and skills for each role.


Create and Validate

We design, develop and test your products using agile methods and proven practices. We keep you in the loop and get your feedback and approval at every stage.


Launch and Support

We deliver your products and launch them after your approval. We continuously monitor them for any issues while supporting your team on how to use them effectively.

Curious about the engine that powers ForInvest’s investment solutions?

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Sectors We Serve


Our content solutions can help banks integrate investment-related news into their products and services, such as mobile banking apps, online platforms, or chatbots. With our solutions, banks can also create personalised mobile investment news services to deliver instant content tailored to specific interests, goals, and risk profiles.


Our content solutions can help media companies expand their content pool to include investors and provide personalised services to their audiences. This approach can help media companies increase their reach, engagement and loyalty among their audience, as well as create more value from their content.


Our solution provides energy industry with up-to-date news on market trends, technology, policies and the environment. Leveraging this information, industry leaders can stay informed, make data-driven decisions and adapt the progress.

Our Values


We reshape investment industry through cutting-edge technology, setting new standards and driving global progress.


We craft flexible solutions specifically tailored to meet the unique requirements of each client.

Constantly Innovative

We combine a deep-rooted legacy with a forward-thinking mindset, always paving the way for a new era of innovation.

Flexible and Comprehensive

We offer a wide range of solutions, designed to seamlessly integrate into comprehensive services or products.

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