How EPİAŞ Created a First Class Native Mobile App with Foreks Digital

EPİAŞ has been operating since 2015 with the aim of helping Turkey to become the leader in the global energy trade. Having transparency, reliability and sustainability as its core values, EPIAS is dedicated to making the energy market active and constantly evolving. Working together with the Turkey Electric Generation Company and Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, EPİAŞ plays an important role in regulating the energy market.

Goals and Challenges

The world has been undergoing a rapid digital transformation in the past few years and new requirements emerge almost every day. EPİAŞ decided to meet the requirements of the digital era and improve the accessibility of the energy market data. Therefore, EPİAŞ aimed to develop a mobile app to resolve this issue.

Eventually, the greatest challenge is to build a well-performing app that’s appealing to the users and receive positive feedback. Finally, EPİAŞ had to develop its mobile app as soon as possible because they wanted to enable users to reach crucial energy market data swiftly. 

To attain the goals and overcome the challenges, EPİAŞ partnered with Foreks Digital.

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