Getting Started Deep Learning Revolution with Java

AI and deep learning are transforming the way we understand software, making computers more intelligent than we could even imagine just a decade ago. It is the technology behind self-driven cars, intelligent personal assistant computers, and decision support systems. Deep learning algorithms are being used across a broad range of industries. As the fundamental driver of AI, being able to tackle deep learning with Java is going to be a vital and valuable skill, not only within the tech world, but also for the wider global economy that depends upon knowledge and insight for growth and success.

Therefore, Today’s Software Developers should learn Deep Learning to be well prepared for the future’s world. Recently some great frameworks arise in the python side while there are few attempting in the Java side. And we found deeplearning4j as very promising that can be easily adapted with the industry. However right now there are not much tutorials about that about both the implementation and the underlying concept. Since this topic is little different than what we used to in IT domain, one should understand the theory before putting anything into production. But current studies are either too scientific or superficial.

Therefore, to fill this gap, we prepared a video course for those who want to deep dive into deep learning in java. By the end of the video course, you’ll be ready to tackle the problems you are going to face with along the way in this field. Wherever you’ve come from—whether you’re a data scientist or Java developer—you will become a part of the deep learning revolution! So take the front seat and start learning…