How Fintech Company Visualize their Hybrid Infrastructure

How to Use Hybrid Infrastructure Monitoring in Fintech

Even the smallest business today talks about cloud computing and data. There is a very simple reason for that. Cloud services provide businesses the ability to store and monitor the metrics hidden in the big data. Monitoring tools foster analysis capability of businesses, which is significant for creating a future vision for both themselves and their clients and growing their businesses with the right strategies.

In an industry with an intense data flow, such as the finance sector, it is becoming more important to be able to monitor metrics correctly than in many other industries.

For this reason, FinTech innovators are developing their platforms and tools focused on data monitoring and analysis capability as their aim is expanding  their offerings and  constantly diving into automation. And this goes through visualizing the data.

As Foreks, a global technology company that develops omnichannel fintech solutions, we also aim to automate the process of detecting, tracking and interpreting loads of data metrics with Grafana’s hybrid infrastructure visualization and monitoring tools.

The Hybrid Infrastructure Visualization Journey

Foreks specializes in the broadcasting of financial data with a full range of products using mobile devices and fixed stations providing services to all parties involved in the financial markets.

Our client base consists of banks, brokerage houses, foreign exchange companies, corporate and private investors. Our customers are looking for 100% high available systems. Our role is building faster, more secure, and more durable systems.

The challenge

Almost every team across Foreks Digital Solutions have implemented their own visualization solutions. Displaying various metrics was not easy for multiple teams within multiple infrastructures. They needed a single solution to centralize hybrid infrastructure monitoring.

The solution

Implementing Grafana as the centralized metric visualization provided many advantages to each team through the organization, even for customers

Foreks Digital Solution’s teams are now able to observe the metrics on Grafana integrated with time-series data source Prometheus. They have also avoided paying thousands of dollars for managed services.

“Grafana provides great insight across each team, and we are able to observe metrics and take actions immediately”  – Abidin Sunar, CTO, Foreks Digital Solutions

Benefits of Hybrid Infrastructure Visualization

Before Grafana, there were various 3rd party monitoring solutions that each team was using internally. After a while, that caused many communication problems and slowed down actions. Foreks Digital’s DevOps team decided to centralize the monitoring solution by implementing self-managed Grafana.

“The biggest advantage of using Grafana is that it increases insight of each team, and they know where to check for viewing application behaviour.”  – Engin Altay, DevOps Engineer, Foreks Digital Solutions

Currently, both on-premise and cloud infrastructure of Foreks are monitoring data fed by Prometheus in real-time on Grafana. Moreover, each team’s environments and application metrics are being visualized. Now software teams are able to view impacts of new releases immediately thanks to Grafana. Therefore, Foreks’s development teams enhanced their insight and the ability to take actions quickly.

Foreks Digital Solutions continues to evolve by combining its 30 years of industrial know-how with new generation innovations. Discover our innovative, compact solutions that lead the finance world to be a pioneer in the industry.