How İşbank Increased its Stock Market Transaction Volume by 21% on Mobile with Foreks Digital

İşbank (also known as Türkiye İş Bankası) is the largest bank in Turkey, operating 1,354 branches domestically and over 50 branches globally. İşbank wanted to create a customer-centric, omnichannel and easy-to-use finance solution that would enable its users to manage financial data and their investments from one single platform. This aim was fuelled by İşbank’s vision to maintain its leadership position as the most pioneering and trustworthy bank in the country.

In order to achieve this goal, İşbank partnered with Foreks Digital to utilise their years of digital banking tech expertise and renowned innovation mindset. Download our case study to learn more about how İşbank achieved the following results on the İşCep Mobile Stock Exchange:

  • 21% increase in mobile app stock market transaction volume
  • 10x increase in customers using instant data
  • Increase on the İşCep Mobile App users

This new technology has resulted in high app performance, which is achieved with minimal data transfer and no load on the browser.